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What is this?

The Ghost Coast Festival is a family friendly event that will be held at the League Kempner Mansion in October of 2024 and will include a vendor market, celebrity speakers, paranormal investigations, ghost tours, psychic readings, kids activities, entertainment and much more!

Our event is a collaboration with Gin Keel of Spooky Galveston and Janie Mitcham of the League Kempner Mansion. Portion of proceeds will benefit the League-Kempner House, a non-profit in Galveston Texas.

Do I need a pass?

Yes you will need a festival pass for entry. Passes can only be purchased from our website here.

Are there any age restrictions for participants?

No this is a family friendly event.

Is it scary?

Some of the late night aspects might have that spooky factor buy people of all ages can participate.